About the Site

I don’t write Jane Austen fan fiction. But, I devour Pride and Prejudice continuations, “could have beens,” and a few modernizations. After all, we were all robbed of one the best romance writers of all time with Jane Austen’s short life.

However, there is great, fantastic, blow your mind fan fiction out there. One of the most professional spheres for fan fiction is the Jane Austen world, since the copyright is up, authors can conceivably profit on their masterpieces to continue the story.

This site is an attempt to draw attention to some of the amazing writing out there, and to encourage more reading of Jane Austen fan fictions. Reviews are limited to completed stories of novel or novella length. Per the sensitivities of the writing community, this is not a site for constructive criticism to the author for better writing. Instead, Jane Austen Fan Fiction Reviews is here for the reader, to provide more details about strong, well-written Jane Austen fan fiction to assist in their reading selections.


One response to “About the Site

  1. Julie

    I love your blog as I’m always looking for JAFF recommendations! Your reviews are entertaining and insightful as well. Thanks for sharing!

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