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The Trouble With Horses, A Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella

trouble with horsesThe Trouble With Horse by Elizabeth Ann West

90 pages (160 pages print, buying the print edition gives you the Kindle Version for free). 4.5 Stars

Sweetheart romance, Pride and Prejudice

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo or read it for free on BeyondAusten.com (registration required).

When a riderless horse interrupts Elizabeth Bennet’s daily walk, she is inspired to begin the search herself. Finding a gentleman in the ravine of a creek bed, she scares off snakes and raises the alarm to end up with the man situated at Longbourn for his recovery. Enamored with his dark curls and handsome face, her life appears to be following the fairy tale story line of a novel, that is until the proud, disdainful Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley wakes up. 

A sweetheart romantic novella, The Trouble With Horses is meant to be a light read for those irreparably addicted to all things Austen. The writing style does not attempt to mimic the incomparable Jane, and the author hopes you enjoy the fun, humorous story as you would an afternoon tea. 

I finally published my own JAFF and it is skyrocketing up the best-seller lists! I cannot believe this and I am working hard on my next story as we speak. I hope you enjoy! 


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